Keep NSA out of your Phone

A secure telephone is a phone that gives voice security in a type of end to end encryption for the telephone call, and in certain situations also the shared authentication of the call parties, shielding them against a guy-in-the-middle attack. Worries about substantial rise of telephone tapping events cause growing interest in secure telephones.

One of many revelations drawn in the NSA’s secret PRISM plan, Given how Apple, the iPhone manufacturer, and Google, the programmer of Android, have both been implicated in PRISM especially with regard to gathering metadata from Verizon Wireless customers, folks are also trying to find methods to guard their utilization of mobile apparatuses.

Sadly, this isn’t as simple as simply locating an alternative site, specially contemplating contracts with service providers and also the few hundred dollars customers drop to get the apparatuses in the very first place. Is there any method to maintain to authorities from your cellular phone?

The key to having an NSA-evidence telephone would constantly use end to end encryption. What this indicates is the fact that all information is first encrypted to the unit before it is sent off and decrypted by the receiving apparatus.

Secure VoIP calls is a complete duplex real-time voice encryption option, that allows one to listen and speak at once. The voice encryption is dependent onĀ ultra powerful AES256 algorithm and made using the RSA beginning session key.