Ten New Shows To Keep Us Warm This Season

The beginning of the cold season is probably the most expected period of the year for TV and series lovers, because their old favorite shows pick up where they left off and new shows are being promoted as future television highlights. This autumn appears to have something good for everybody and even if all of us are waiting to get back in the saddle with our old friends, it doesn’t hurt to sneak peak at what major channels have in store for us. So buckle up, as there are at least ten new series just waiting for their fans!

1.  Sleepy Hollow

Unfortunately, it won’t star Johnny Depp, as the movie did in 1999, but it will exploit the legend of the headless horseman nonetheless. It appears to take place in modern times and the cast is promising, to say the least, so watch out for September 16 to get a seat in front of the TV! Read more…